Our Goals

Steve Gaer is proud to be a life-long resident of West Des Moines.  Keeping our city among the top of cities in the United States to live and do business -- and making it even better than it already is -- motivates him every day to do his best as your mayor.

West Des Moines has enjoyed robust, balanced growth under Steve's leadership in tandem with a progressive City Council. He's dedicated  to intelligent growth and investment policies that focus on important quality-of-life issues such as recreation, public safety, transportation, land use and the environment. As our community faces choices about how to make the most of our resources without placing unnecessary burdens on individual taxpayers, you can count on Steve Gaer to do his best to:


  • Continue responsible budgeting to ensure: balanced budgets, maintaining of the City’s AAA bond rating and maintaining stringent controls on property taxes
  • Make every effort to hold the line on property taxes
  • Increasing the City’s commercial tax base
  • Continuing to demand controlled and quality developments
  • Encouraging new jobs
  • Carefully and thoughtfully evaluate all new spending projects
  • Continue to look for ways to cooperate and partner with other cities, school districts and counties in an effort to enhance services and lower costs


  • Maintain strong parks, recreation facilities and trails
  • Maintain the highest quality public safety (Letter from Police Chief)
  • Strengthen the public library
  • Ensure that development continues to be of high quality
  • Maintain quality streets and management of traffic congestion
  • Ensure that we always have positive and responsive City government (Letter of Appreciation)
  • Ensure that city officials are making decisions that are in the long-term best interest of all residents
  • Continuously evaluate the need for additional public facilities
  • Continue Valley Junction rehabilitation/restoration

I would appreciate your continued support as West Des Moines' Mayor

Steven K. Gaer
West Des Moines

Steve Gaer

Steve Gaer