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While there are many notable things going on in West Des Moines, it is appropriate and important that we maintain a focus on our entire region. The cities in central Iowa cooperate extensively, and the residents and business owners who cross our boundaries to live, work, and play are the beneficiaries. As a city, West Des Moines is currently participating in over 100 28E agreements (intergovernmental agreements). We believe strongly in the benefits of collaboration, and work to identify areas where it makes sense to create a well thought-out and managed partnership. For that reason, Collaboration is also one of six strategic themes in our Balanced Scorecard system of performance management.

Over the last decade, the City of West Des Moines has provided over 11 million dollars in funding to regional entities including the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Bravo cultural alliance, the Iowa Events Center, Principal Park, Choose Des Moines Communities, and the Civic Center.

Some of our cooperative achievements on the operations side includes More...

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